Young People with Disabilities Are Learning to Mix It Up

A new working partnership has begun with special educational needs school, college, and charity, St. John’s School and College, and Hove based mixology school, Mixology Group.

Mixology has offered 6, 2-hour sessions every Friday to pupils of St. John’s newly opened E12 Unit in Portslade. E12 caters for learners with autism and special needs to find them paid employment, volunteering opportunities and work experience in the community by honing their practical and employable skills.

The two organizations, working together, will see pupils receive the finest drinks and bar training available on the market today.

The 12 students, all over 18 years old, will be taught a variety of bartending and mixology skills focussing on:

  • understanding of the ‘free pouring’ technique
  • knowledge of basic spirits & liqueurs
  • how to comfortably use standard cocktail equipment
  • know the recipes for the top essential cocktails; general bartending skills
  • understand the importance of working clean and be able to produce various drinks to a high standard.

The free sessions could lead to some St. John’s E12 members having their first jobs in bars around the city or using the skills to wow friends and family.

Dale Brown, an Education Path Leader at St. John’s said, “This is a wonderful opportunity for our learners, who have perhaps never been given a chance to learn and experience skills of this kind. Although seemingly unusual for a college course, Mixology have been amazing in helping our learners take a step towards finding work and, like any young adult, give them a chance to work behind a bar.”

Myles Cunliffe, co-director of Mixology Group, said “It’s a great chance to give back to the community and help people who will massively benefit from the technical and flair sides of the course…it will help find them employment. All of the St. John’s pupils have said how much they love the sessions and have a real knack for it.”

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