What Your Musical Taste Means for Your SAT Scores

What Your Musical Taste Means for Your SAT Scores

We are all fully aware of the important of your SAT scores in dictating where you go to college and ultimately, how successful you are in your career. There are many factors that determine how successful you will be academically, but one that is probably overlooked but is equally important in how you will progress through high school is your taste in music. Plenty of data, collegiate records, journals written by scholars and social profile analysis has been found to be accurate in saying that your musical preferences could determine your SAT scores. Of course, this isn’t a given as there are a lot of factors that can lead to success in exams, but the results are pretty accurate.

Why your musical taste matters?

High school students know that a good SAT score will stand them in good stead. It is essentially the key to their future and one where most students’ will focus their energy on college places, scholarships and careers are at stake. The other main concern is their social standing and finding an identity in high school. The genre of music that we choose is one that can ultimately decide who our friends are and how we are perceived. So, as we focus all our time and effort on these exams, it may be worthwhile to consider the type of music we listen to given it can mold our personalities and character.

What genre of music matters?

From the analysis of the studies conducted it seems that those who are right-brained individuals and more intellectually-inclined who do well in science and maths-based subjects tend to listen to more progressive rock type music and perhaps more complex rap. This more to do with the number of beats and words that are of multiple syllables as students will be more likely to count the beats to the music and words. At the other end of the spectrum, lower SAT scores are linked with those who enjoy more simple and repetitive music such as basic rap and rock.

What this means for students

At the end of the day, even though the results are accurate, your SAT scores will not be fully determined by your music taste alone. There is a correlation, but it is important to remember there are numerous factors that will ultimately decide how successful you are in school. As we develop in life and our career, how we performed on a SAT score some years ago will not be the main factor in how well you do in your career.

Photo Credit: Philips Communications/Flickr