Help People Through Bullying Instead of Hindering Them

bullying; a young boy kicking a ball at some younger kids

Life is difficult enough without the fear of bullying from others. Work and schools are two examples where this physical or psychological abuse can occur. Often the quiet introspective individuals are picked on, although anyone who is ‘different’ can become a target for angry individuals who avenge his or her pain upon others. An even sinister type of bullying takes place online and this is called cyber bullying. Any type of bullying can affect an individual’s confidence, and make him or her feel isolated and worthless.

Notice Behavioral Changes

If your loved one is experiencing a change in personality, this may be down to abuse or bullying. Most victims of bullying do not wish to appear weak, so he or she keeps the suffering to him or her self. This can be detrimental to an individual’s self-esteem and self-belief. The individual’ problem persists, while you have no idea of how much pain and anguish your loved one feels. It can be especially terrifying for a parent to learn that his or her child is the victim of bullying.

A change in behavior or mood can manifest itself through a multitude of emotion, including anger, tears, and even self-harm. If you are a victim of bullying, do not suffer in silence. Speak to a teacher at school, or a manager at work. You are not alone.

Bullies are Often Victims

Why would another person take out his or her pain on another because of indifference or jealousy? Bullies are often victims of abuse and stuck in a cycle of pain that they cannot see. However, it is up to the bully to admit this problem before the abuse toward others gets out of hand. A breakdown can be the first sign for victims of abuse or bullying before a healing breakthrough.

Try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Low self-esteem can be conquered through many of the helpful therapies available today, one of which is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This therapy teaches an individual about feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and gives helpful tools on how to regain control when those dark moments manifest.

Any form of bullying or abuse can deeply affect an individual, to the point of destroying an individual’s confidence, and it takes strength to confess of this abuse to others. While it is not helpful to live in isolation, nobody deserves to be bullied or abused, so speak to someone as soon as you can. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Photo Credit: Thomas Ricker/Flickr