Ask Kids “What Did You Fail at Today?”

Brilliant question.

There are all kinds of rants and reports about how coddling, participation trophies and helicopter parenting are ruining everything, or at least making kids incapable of doing hard things, but it’s tough for moms and dads to break the cycle if they were parented that way. I’ll raise my hand as someone who falls into this category. Simply saying “Stop coddling” won’t help much. But welcoming failure into your home and family discussions might.

And that starts by changing the conversation around failure. Sara Blakely, the woman who created Spanx and became a billionaire, credits some of her success to the one question her dad asked her every night: What did you fail at today?

Photo: Shannon /Flickr At elite colleges, faculty members have been noticing a problem. Many students, while impressive on paper, seem to be unable to cope with simple struggles—getting assigned to a dorm room they’re not thrilled with, scoring less than an A-minus on a midterm, or not making the cut on school teams.

Source: Ask Kids “What Did You Fail at Today?”